MLC Times - An educational project
MLC Times is an educational project created for the advanced writing class of the July 2019 session of the Michigan Language Center (MLC).

In the class we had the project of designing a magazine, where we not only created the content, but also made the design, editing, and publication. We even thought that having an opinion from Christopher Taylor, Mayor of Ann Arbor, could contribute a lot, so we went to interview him, and we talked to him for about 30 minutes.

I was the Executive and Production Editor, so I coordinated 10 people from different countries, spoke a language that is not native to anyone, and completed the project in 3 weeks.

Throughout the magazine, the reader will follow Marcus, an MLC student, through a single day in his life. Marcus will act as your guide through the magazine, and his story can be found in the top corner of each page.

You can read the magazine here​​​​​​​
Interview with the Mayor of Ann Arbor. In the photo, Keehoon Nam, Christopher Taylor, and Renzo Esposito. Photo by Sarah Alyahya
The MLC Times Team - Michael Diaz, Sarah Alyahya, Elif Batu, Keehoon Nam, Kyle Wu, José Garcia, Na Uy Nhuyn, Renzo Esposito, Mari Yaguchi, and Youngjoo Choi

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